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iPlayClean is a novel anti-doping education programme that features information, videos, and questions for you to answer. It is fully funded by the International Olympic Committee and the purpose of the iPlayClean education programme is to provide high-level athletes aged between 14 to 18 years of age information about Performance Enhancing Drugs (PEDs) and strategies to help you make the right decisions to play sport fairly and thus play clean.

Structure of iPlayClean

iPlayClean contains a section specifically for athletes and another section for coaches and parents. The athlete section contains information on how to make the right decisions, nutritional supplements, and myths surrounding doping. The coach and parent section contains information about how to maximise the sporting environment and developing relationships.

Information about the Athlete Section

The athlete section consists of 10 modules, and 9 of the modules contains a short video featuring the following people:


Tyler is an aspiring rugby player and athlete. He is hoping to secure a sports scholarship. He’s an athlete who might be tempted to take performance enhancing drugs. Do you think he will do the right thing and say no?


Alice is one of Tyler’s best friends, and she is very much against performance enhancing drugs. She is also against any form of cheating. Can she use her influence to help Tyler say no to performance enhancing drugs?


Jack is one of the stars of the school sports teams. He is top rugby player and athlete, but has he done this fairly and at what costs to his health?

Rugby Coach

The rugby coach has a must win attitude, even if that means cheating. He has the potential to be a negative influence on his players and uses questionable methods to get results. Would you do some of the things he asks his players to do?


The teacher provides students with information about performance enhancing drugs and offers plenty of questions to those who might be in favour of performance enhancing drugs. Do you like her approach?

Athletic Coach

The athletics coach is Alice’s main running coach. He is more interested in technique, effort, and improvement that outcome. Can you see this in his coaching style?

Athlete Introduction »

Information about the Coach and Parent Section

The coach and parent section contains three modules, although coaches/parents might be interested in also viewing some of the athlete section content, especially the videos.

In addition to athlete and coach/parent section, there is also a useful links and definitions page.

Coach and Parent Introduction »

Finally, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

We hope you find the iPlayClean programme useful and informative!


For queries or to offer feedback on iPlayClean, please contact:

Professor Adam Nicholls
01482 463 615


Mark Thompson
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