10 – Coping Strategies

Coping with Stress

Doping is often the last resort of a desperate athlete. Use these proven coping strategies of the sporting elite to train your brain and be the best you can be.

By using mental imagery, we can perfect exactly how we need to act – be it in the gym, on the pitch, or even saying no to PEDs.

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Through controlling our thoughts, we can make ourselves feel confident, rather than letting negative emotions get the better of us.

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We can’t succeed without the help of others. Sharing our pressures with other people makes us more likely to achieve our goals, and makes us feel less stressed. Receiving the advice of others also helps us notice things from a different perspective than our own. Therefore, it is important that we find ourselves a trusted person in which we can discuss our difficulties and successes on and off the pitch.This could be a school friend, teammate, parent, or coach – the choice is yours

Seeking support is especially effective when we wish to review our sporting performance. By sitting down with someone who has viewed the game from a different angle, we can receive a more objective analysis of our performance. This can allow us to highlight what areas we need to work on in our game, what methods are best for doing this, as well as noting what was also good in our performance.

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To change yourself, you must first challenge yourself. Determine your goals. By adding logical steps, this goal becomes a plan. A plan followed by action becomes reality. Make it happen.

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