04 – Doping Myths

Only 1-3% of athletes dope. Fact.

An athlete may be tempted to dope if they believe others do. Only 1-3% of athletes use PEDs. Hardly any athletes dope.

Question: Do athletes that take Performance Enhancing Drugs think they will get caught?

Although only a very small number of athletes take Performance Enhancing Drugs, those who take Performance Enhancing Drugs do not think they will be caught. Please be aware that testing is very accurate and sensitive, so if you have taken Performance Enhancing Drugs and you get tested – you will be caught.


Further, the vast majority of people, including top athletes despise PEDs and those who take PEDs. Don’t take our word for it, watch the following videos:

Usain Bolt against doping



Greg Rutherford


Clara Hughes


Rafael Nadal


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