05 – Playing Fair

Cheating is a choice, not a mistake

There are no excuses. Doping is cheating. Think about the shame your family would feel if you were banned for 4 years.

Question: Is it OK to take things even if our coach tells us to?

NO! Remember, you are accountable for what you take and taking banned supplements is a form a cheating. Notice how strongly Alice felt against Tyler taking the shakes, because he does not know what is in the shakes.


What does it mean to play fair?

Fair play involves athletes adhering to rules, respecting others (e.g., coaches, team mates, and opponents), respecting the rules of the game, and behaving in a way that is within the rules.

Does this make taking PEDs cheating, then?

Absolutely. Doping is the attempt to gain an unfair performance advantage against your competitors. See below for the real-life impact of a doping cheat:

  • Play fair. Don’t cheat.
How would you feel if you cheated? Play the audio

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