YOU are responsible for what goes in your body

Focus on your own improvement, rather than comparisons to others

Love your sport.  Remember what you enjoy it about it.

It is a myth that every athlete is doping. THEY’RE NOT. Further, no one likes PEDs or RESPECTS those that take them.

Taking PEDs is cheating. Do you want to be known as a CHEATER?

Be confident about your ability to RESIST any pressure to dope from friends or coaches

Make the morally right choice – DON’T DOPE

Doping can cause serious illnesses and even PREMATURE DEATH

Testing procedures are so sophisticated that they will detect ALL PEDs

Nutritional supplements are unregulated – be CAREFUL


Before taking any medications or supplements, do the following, and check:
Is it legal?

Is it quality assured?

Does it contain the dosages claimed?