01 – Introduction

Your Body. Your Responsibility.

If you test positive for a banned substance, you could receive a 4-year ban. Research all before use.

QUESTION: Is it ok to take a performance enhancing drug that cannot currently be tested for?

Watch the video and have a think about it.

There was a mixed reaction in the class. Some students admitted they would take a Performance Enhancing Drug if it made them the best athlete in their sport and it could not be detected . Tyler was undecided, but Alice was strongly against taking a performance enhancing drug. Taking performance enhancing drugs is cheating and if you are tested, your samples will be kept for years and can be re-tested at a later date. Do the right thing: play clean and say no to performance enhancing drugs.


  • Did you know that many cold products contain banned substances?
  • Check www.GlobalDro.com before taking any medications
  • If you can’t find a medicine on GlobalDro.com, email UK Anti-Doping at information@ukad.org.uk for guidance
  • If your doctor prescribes you any medicine, check that it is not on the banned list at GlobalDro.com. If it is, you will need a Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE), which if granted, will enable you to take the medication.
For more information about TUEs, please go to:


For more information about your responsibilities, play the audio

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